USPS Unions send out a United Message to PMG Brennan Denouncing

As head of states of our corresponding unions representing over 250,000 tireless postal employees, we are deeply disturbed by the wholesale and enormous work cuts under way by your management. The cutting of an already skeletal workforce will not just cause huge disruption to the labor force but will create a further degradation of postal services for the American individuals throughout the nation. At the present time, there are insufficient recurring jobs to fit the effect of countless bargaining device employees.

We also note that your public dedication to abide by the respective Cumulative Bargaining Arrangements as you resolve workforce enhances is being violated due to the fact that the recurring task reversions and task abolishments are contrary to contractual responsibilities. The exciting impact statements– presently totaling up to over 1500 events impacting over 15,000 employees and checking– are blatant infractions of our CBAs in connection with development notice, mandated info to the unions, conference requirements, action days, and residual vacancies.

USPS: the comeback kid of package shipping

Making use of the details that the Postal Service has provided to the unions, there also is no way to identify if the called for Post 12 arrangements involving part-time versatile hrs or PSE and MHA/Casual employment were considered or if the staffing is based upon all offered job hrs. Our agreements further need that at the Area/Regional conference a listing of recurring vacancies be supplied to the union for each and every exciting event. In fact, it would take a significant amount of time to collect that variety of residual jobs. And click the USPS login page.

“Wholesale and Substantial Work Cuts”

USPS Unions send out a United Message to PMG Brennan Denouncing That leads the concern of why there is a need to access thousands of employees if there are no ‘touchdown spots’ for the excesses employees to be put right into. Accor dinged to every one of the above factors and issues expressed over, the NPMHU and the APWU demand that administration considers and discover all various other alternative options before the enormous exciting plan presently suggested. At once when the events have been interacting to craft, advertise, and pass positive postal reform regulation, we ask you why the Postal Service would choose to declare war on its unions and its employees.

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