Aircon unit has three main components, including air condensers, compressors and evaporators. Each of these components has a variety of smaller components that require routine maintenance and occasional repair to ensure the long-term useful life of the air conditioner. Aircon service technicians can help you with these repair and maintenance needs and can always give you any questions about your particular installation. Now more and more inclined to your aircon, when you need to cool your home or business, its reliability is higher.


Most air-conditioning repairs require a technician to view all components of the air-conditioning system, including compressors and condensers at home and abroad, and evaporator coils at the main pipe connections above the blower or furnace. The level of coolant or refrigerant in the system and the system pressure can be tested. Low pressure loss or low refrigerant level may indicate a leak in the compressor or condenser. Qualified service technicians will be able to perform the necessary repairs and recover and recharge quickly.


Most homeowners can do simple things to help maintain the external components of the aircon system. The metal fins around the condenser help to quickly exchange heat when the air conditioner is running. The heat sinks are closely packed and often clogged with dust and other debris, reducing the ability to make the necessary heat exchange. Careful removal of loose dirt and debris can improve the performance of your aircon , but be careful when performing this maintenance task. Aircon system fins made of aluminum, easy to bend or wrinkle. Only use fin combs from local hardware stores to clean and straighten fins while avoiding the use of water pipes.

When you need additional aircon repair or service, consider an Singapore Aircon company. As with many other forms of home repair and construction services, air conditioning service technicians are trained and licensed to maintain and service most forms of home air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. Their expertise in the aircon industry is crucial to the comfort we expect at home or in the office. Unauthorized technicians inspecting and servicing your equipment annually can result in unintended loss of efficiency and eventually damage the equipment when it is needed. Check out here:

Periodic inspection

Household air conditioners have regular inspection and maintenance services, but we forget the home aircon service. We use these aircon services when that is the aircon fairlure . Unless the air-conditioning maintenance staff knock on the door, otherwise it will make you crazy. To enjoy continuous aircon, check your aircon regularly. Aircon lists the following benefits of regular checks:

– Reduce power consumption

– Increased cooling

– Extended Aircon life

– Reduced chance of system failure

Although there are no alternatives to provide you air-conditioning services, you still want to do something that will help you better maintain it. Of course, in addition to anything your current service company suggests, you should do the same.


The first thing you need to do is make sure your air filter is replaced once a month. Although you will find that some filters last 3 months, most filters are filled with dust and pollen, which can affect your system’s efficiency. In fact, if you stay here for a long time, you will notice a significant drop in the cooling effect on your system.

Air ducts will be another area you need to take care. A good idea would be to have a professional company to clear the air ducts and make sure the dust and dirt that accumulates among them is removed. It includes vents, and you should note that air flow is more effective while reducing allergen blowing into the air.

Avoid stacking things

Another important thing to be careful that you should not stacking things in your aircon. Some people will put furniture, even lawn piled on these items, which may lead to the formation of the actual unit itself. Time after time, this will reduce efficiency and may cause serious damage to Aircon.



As you begin to learn more about your air conditioning unit, you can focus your attention on ways you can help keep things current. Your goal should be to keep running as long as possible. This means you may need to call a professional. Especially if you notice some weird noise or problems with the unit. Since these problems are usually not solved on their own, investigations must be conducted as soon as possible.

Remember, the first line of defense for your Aircon unit will be you. The approach you take to defend it and ensure that units are properly cared for will reduce the number of problems you will encounter. Just make sure you continue to arrange regular air-conditioned service calls to make sure it stays tip-top shape. You can choose from many different companies to provide this service for you. Their importance will be you finding an option that not only offers a reasonable price, but also reliability and good service. After all, this is a unit that you do not want to have in the summer.

Most air-conditioning service technicians charge a flat-rate home visit to check your department and evaluate before any possible repairs are made. Any repair will result in additional parts costs and labor time required for maintenance. Reducing this cost of repairs requires your efforts as a homeowner to complete a full service each year to keep your equipment running at its best.

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